I deleted Twitter.

Twitter was the first social media network that I joined. I was never part of the MySpace hype train, and I refused to get on Facebook for the longest time (I joined in senior year, since I would be moving out of state for college and wanted to keep in touch).

But Twitter… there was something special about Twitter. It was appealing, this idea of broadcasting tidbits to the wide world beyond. After all, how many times have I had random musings or eureka moments in the shower that I absolutely had to share? So I embraced Twitter with all my being. I posted workout stats, updates on my schoolwork, pictures from my adventures, you name it.

But now, 8 years after I posted my first tweet (“Hello World!”, in geeky computer programmer-wannabe fashion), I finally laid my Twitter account to rest. Why?

1. Lately, I’ve been spending too much time indoors on the Internet instead of going out and enjoying life. Yesterday, I went out for a dinner and karaoke with some friends and… well, really enjoyed myself! I want to stop trapping myself within the confines of technology and do more.

2. I tend to overshare. I’m pretty sure you don’t care whether I had Vietnamese noodle soup or teriyaki for lunch.

3. Information overload. There are way too many articles to read, too many tweets to retweet, too many friends to keep up with. It’s honestly quite stressful!

4. Twitter is no longer tied to my career of choice. I used to work in public relations / marketing, where having a Twitter was almost a requirement prior to getting a job. If you can’t display proficiency in your personal social media accounts, the employers reason, why would we trust you with corporate accounts? It makes sense, but I’m very much out of that industry now.

5. Finally, it’s no longer interesting. The only accounts I follow now are personal finance blogs, friends, and a few brands I enjoy (like Blogilates or Pinkberry). I can read blogs without using Twitter (even though it is a good aggregator, I must admit); I can follow friends on Facebook; and brand Twitter accounts are just pushing products anyways. Bor-ing!

Monthly Goals: October 2014

Trying to get back into this blogging thing by posting my October goals. Maybe some of you can help hold me accountable…

  1. Reach the 120-124 lb weight range. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past year and a half. It wasn’t until recently that I saw some results, so I want to keep that momentum going.
  2. Cook more often. I feel like such a horrible woman, and I eat way too much junk food from school. Time to bust out the pots and pans.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Because I’m dehydrated as shit most of the time.
  4. Exercise at least 30 mins a day. Because I’ve been a lazy butt the past few months.
  5. Find a new job that pays at least $10/hr. Because I’m being very underpaid.
  6. Launch my side business. It’s been in the works for 6 months. Get a move on, already!
  7. Stop getting on social media so much. I no longer post on social media, but I’m definitely guilty of lurking. Need to stop. Such a time sink.
  8. Get on a more consistent sleep schedule. My current schedule is a nap from 7-9pm, work from 9-11pm, sleep 11pm-3am, work 3-5am, sleep 5-8am, go to school. That’s horrible. Those aren’t even complete sleep cycles! I’m putting my foot down and choosing to sleep 1-7am. That works with my night owl personality, gets me four complete sleep cycles, and forces me awake when the sun comes up.

Will report back on my progress at the end of the month.

Minimalist movement

The past few weeks, I’ve been going through a major minimalist movement. This was spurred by a few choice items:

  1. I’m starting my master’s program soon; time to start living like a college student again!
  2. I’ve been very overwhelmed with information overload lately – bombarded from all sides with news articles, social media notifications, and lists upon lists.
  3. My general anxiety disorder has been horrible lately, and the most stuff is around me, the more frustrated I become.

As such, I’ve made a few plans to cut down and simplify:

  • Deleted my Instagram (such a time-waster!) and migrated to Flickr.
  • Deactivated Facebook.
  • Moved my entire external hard drive onto Google Drive, formatted it clean, and gave it away to a friend.
  • Donated a ton of clothes and items to Goodwill.
  • Deleted my Trakt and Netflix accounts since I’m giving up watching mind-numbing TV (except for a few key shows… Breaking Pointe season 3 please!)
  • Went through Just Delete Me and removed as many accounts as I could :)
  • Contemplating deleting Foursquare…
  • Cleaning out my old room and selling off a ton of stuff.
  • Only buying physical books if they aren’t available as an ebook (to eliminate clutter).
  • Throwing away at least 5 items every day to help simplify my life.

The Instagram -> Flickr move was spurred by my renewed interest in photography (I’ve needed a dedicated hobby for some time!) I recently bought myself a Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS. I needed a replacement for my old Canon PowerShot from 2008 (the lens gets stuck all the time). I’m planning on digging up my Canon EOS Rebel DSLR too, but sometimes moments happen when you’re not carrying around a DSLR (hence the point-and-shoot!)

(Electronic) information overload.

Lately, I’ve found it exhausting to keep up with the information overload.

I have five thousand (okay, maybe just five) social media accounts. I would personally love to get rid of all of them, but unfortunately:

  • Facebook is the only way I keep in contact with my friends from college (since people don’t understand the concept of email anymore).
  • LinkedIn is pretty much a requirement for any professional.
  • Instagram is how I document my life.
  • Twitter is how I make conversation with companies and influencers.
  • I’m so OCD that I need the help of GrouveeGoodreads, and Trackt to keep up with my hobbies.

I did manage to erase large chunks of my Internet existence using Just Delete Me. I even deleted my entire Pinterest, which I had been using as a design portfolio (I’m changing careers, so the portfolio is irrelevant now). I scoured the Internet for my name (and my aliases) and tried to remove myself entirely. I just don’t like the idea of not being able to consolidate myself as a person into a few key places.

Some days, though, I just want to remove myself from the Internet entirely. Not have to maintain a website. Not have to check email. Not have to be obsessed with refreshing my Feedly and chatting on /r/bravefrontier (best mobile game ever!) Sometimes I just want to curl up in bed with a book, or go to a park and sit, or bake, or play some simply-but-amazingly-made NES game.

And then the rush of modern technology takes over, and I am once again dragged along by its currents.

Tips from a DECA judge…

This past week I had the honor of judging for the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC), and wow, was it an experience. There were some teams that I judged that simply blew me away with their professionalism… and then there were some teams that didn’t catch attention-to-detail mistakes before advancing to international competition.

I judged preliminaries for the Public Relations Project and finals for Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan, but the tips that I have here are applicable to any project / presentation.

Read on for some ICDC tips from an actual DECA judge :)

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