Let’s take it back a decade.

If you’re new to my blog: welcome. Tread with caution. I’m sarcastic, snippy, and finally not afraid to use my voice.

If you’re returning to my blog after many of its previous iterations (Crimsonietta, Masochist’s Institute of Technology, Whispered Skies, or similar): welcome back. Still tread with caution. I’m no longer going for the politically-correct, “here’s what my extended family in Canada wants to hear” spin. There will be anger, there will be strong opinions, there will be judgement.

Blogging has become such a commercial affair nowadays. Maybe I spent a few months too many in the marketing / public relations space and overdosed on the Kool-Aid; regardless, “blogging” now brings to mind headaches, censorship, legalities, disclaimers, and other legalities. It also makes me think of stalkers, older-generation acquaintances with no boundaries (yes, I’m looking at you, mothers of my high school friends), stay-at-home moms who make a business out of affiliate links and ads, and the overall annoying message that “you need to write for your visitors”.

But let’s back that up a little.

Remember 2002? Remember when we all had MySpaces and Livejournals and Xangas? Remember how we would get on LJ and vent vent vent about the stressors of our daily lives? Remember giving a depressed friend a virtual shoulder to cry on? Remember how raw, powerful, and real all those journal entries used to be – before the world of digital marketing/advertising swooped in and gobbled it all up?

I – like so many of my peers – grew up in the nascent age of online journaling. Yes, it was called “journaling” and not really “blogging”, which is now synonymous with “earn money” in my mind. I miss that. I want to bring it back.

When 13-year-old me journaled, I wrote for myself – not anyone else. This blog is the same: it is for me, and if you so happen to find a few of my comments amusing, then I’ll give myself a pat on the shoulder for creating the appearance of catering to my audience.