Things I’ve learned…

… during the past 2 weeks working for myself:

  • It is a lot easier to get up in the morning knowing I don’t need to “report” to anyone at the stroke of 9:00.
  • The Barnes & Noble cafe is starting to know my order (broccoli & cheddar quiche with a San Pellegrino).
  • RFPs are a nasty beast and we should stop trying to fill them with fancy-schmancy language. Keep it simple!
  • I’m really¬†really¬†excited about my master’s degrees. And studying for my CFP. Not so much for the CFA though…

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • Signed up for a ton of dance classes. Taking Adult Jazz, Hiphop, and Ballet with the Cedar Park Dance Company; doing some ballet classes at Ballet Austin; and will be taking advanced classes with the teens at Star Dancers Studio. Excited!
  • Bought myself a Macbook Pro. After a year of wanting one. Much more portable than my HP Envy (which is slowly dying), and much meatier than my HP Chromebook (which will probably go to the boyfriend).

Ultimately, I just feel really empowered and productive. Even if it’s just doing something as simple as setting up a website or rewriting a resume. Love working from my laptop – anywhere, anytime. I can do work at 2am if I want. I can sleep in until 10am if I want. I can work from the bookstore or my couch or the froyo place down the street…

Some big things coming soon, stay tuned :)


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